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ancient egypt, ancient texts, anthropology, architecture, art, artistic hell-raising, atheism, avant garde, avant-garde, backpacking, bi girls, bicycle activism/advocacy, bicycle commuting, bicycle couriers, bicycles, bike couriers, bike lust, bike messengers, bike polo, bike porn, bike punx!, bikes, body art, body painting, bodypainting, burning cars, cinema noir women, city streets, clean air, clothes fully optional, country lanes, creativity, critical mass, culture, cycling, determination, diy, double the fist, eroticism, exercise, existence, experience, father ted, feminism, fetish photography, freedom, fuck your car, gardening, ghandi, gnosticism, goth, harry potter, henry miller, hermione, human-powered transportation, indie, individuality, intuition, japanese culture, kate bush, kenny everett, kissing, late night bike rides, life after fossil fuels, love, magick, mexico, morrigan, music, mythology, national anarchism, no air pollution, nudity, occult, one less car, painting, passion, patti smith, pedal power!, people reading, performance art, photography, pirates, politics, protests, punk, punks, queer as folk, queers, rain, ravenclaw, reading, recycling, religion, revolution, riding at night, riding in rain, riding in summer, riding in winter, ritual, road bikes, rock and roll, role-playing games, salome, samurai movies, sauna, sexuality, sheila na gig, social justice, songs about bikes, sonic youth, storms, street, surly bikes, sustainable communities, sustainable development, swashbuckling, swords, tank girl, tantra, taoism, tarot, tea, the jolly roger, the velorution, the wicker man, the-thrill-of-the-road, the-wind-in-your-hair, too many bikes, tough chicks, travelling, truth, u-lock justice, urban cycling, velvet underground, wales, wheels, wisdom, witchcraft, witches, women, writing, yoga